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Champions of the kitchen since 1877

NEFF is Germany’s specialist in premium kitchen appliances. Our ovens, cooktops, rangehoods and dishwashers are designed with unique features that make life in the kitchen a daily pleasure.

Why our customers love their NEFF appliances

‘The slide away door is absolutely the best feature for a small kitchen space. Love the NEFF recipes!’

– Michelle, Melbourne*
NEFF Ovens B57VS26N0B

‘The circo therm feature is just plain brilliant. All my cooking is now cooked evenly. This is the best oven I have ever owned.’

– Noms, Sydney*
NEFF Ovens B57CR22N0B

‘Love that I can add steam to cakes and breads any time, what a difference it makes. 

– Petr*
NEFF Ovens B57VS26N0B 

‘The meat probe ensures that meat is cooked perfectly every time with no more guessing!

– Marisa, Melbourne*
NEFF Steam Ovens B47FS36N0B 

‘I was looking for a healthier and tastier way to cook but the full steam oven offers so much more. Veggies are so much tastier and meats, especially chicken, are moist and tender. 

– Laura, Melbourne*
NEFF Steam-Oven C18FT56H0B 

‘The dial is a great way to adjust the temperature quicky, rather than sliders on other brands.’

– Benny*
NEFF Placas T56TS31N0

Find out more about our TwistPadFire magnetic control dial
Find out more about our TwistPadFire magnetic control dial

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